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Staffing Team

Intake - Staffing - Data Entry - Patient Triage

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Our Staffing Team is here to help you.  Available 7 Days a week. 362 days a year... Yep we like Turkey Stuffing, Fireworks, and Presents just like you do. 

Call Us: 323.786.1890 Ext.1

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May:  Staffing Lead

New Hires

Support Team

Support - Care Coordination - Quality Assurance - Data Transfer

Our Support Team embraces the mantra "Every Issue is Merely An Opportunity to Build Lasting Relationships with Permanent Solutions."  Every frequency reported, every patient happy, every therapists supported, let us help you succeed.  

Call Us: 323.786.1890  Ext. 2

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Aliha:  Support Lead


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Talent Team

Our Talent Team finds, connects, and trains only the very best therapists.  No experience? No problem let us help you become a pro.


Clients have access to all regulatory documentation online 24/7 through our HIPAA secure portal. 


Are you ready for a survey?  We are! Let us be your guide. 

Call Us:    323.786.1890  Ext. 3

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Acquisition - Training - Credentials - Surveys

Rhea:  Talent Lead  



Finance Team 

Our Finance Team is always here to make sure you get paid on-time every time.  We have been paying invoices on-time without failure for over a decade.  We get it you work hard, so let us return the favor. 


Call Us:   323.786.1890 Ext. 4 

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Signatures - Invoices - Data Transfer

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Rio:   Finance Lead


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Contracts - Growth - Expansion

Success Team 

Our Success Team is here to help you grow and succeed.  Let us know where you are expanding to and let us help you execute on it.   Need a new contract we've got your back.   Electronic contracts can be executed in minutes with our send for signature software. 

Call Us:   323.786.1890  Ext. 5 

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Gemma:  Success Lead



Clinical Team 

Every patient walks, every therapist improves,  and every agency grows. 


It all starts with a dedicated, team of pros.  Empathetic, informed, and supported.  

Call Us:  323.786.1890  Ext. 6

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Dee: Clinical Lead



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