Join YOUR New Family of Therapists

20 Reasons YOU Should Join YOUR New Team

Considering Something Different?  Great let BioMechanics be YOUR guide.

If YOU would like to become part of a cutting edge, patient centered, and therapist nurtured team of professionals...  Look no further


Electronic Documentation

Easy, Fast, Accurate, No more late nights, Patients sign directly on the screen, Document while you treat, YOU'RE DONE.


Small Coverage Areas

Spend less time traveling and more time treating patients. We service 1000's of patients allowing YOU to cover a smaller area and fill your calendar.


We are Therapists

Join a team of therapists, PT owned and run. Get the support YOU need to succeed. Ask 100s of therapists any question.  



Grow with Us

Improve your skills and knowledge.  We nurture your growth with a thorough orientation, documentation reviews, lunch learning sessions, CPR classes. We want YOU to succeed and we are here to help. 


Patient Centered Care

Rest assured we are here to help YOU. Join us in our push for excellence, our pledge to be ethical, and our devotion to our patients' success. Every patient walks. 


We are Nerds

We love what we do and we are always trying to innovate by making YOUR documentation easier, billing faster, travel less, and overall experience better.


We Pay Like Clockwork

We understand our therapists are the key to our success, therefore we treat and pay YOU accordingly.  REGULARLY and ON TIME!!!! Since 2007 without a late payment, every two weeks, direct deposit, YOU can set YOUR watch to it.

Feel The Support

If you have questions we have the answers.  We are always here to help guide YOU to success. With a dedicated Support team YOU will have YOU very own Care Coordinator to JOKE with, complain to, and root YOU on.  


We have gone Green

We take great pride in making a difference by eliminating paper, minimizing mistakes, and minimizing our carbon footprint. Join us as we push for a green America YOU can make a difference.

HIPAA Compliant 

It doesn't sound like much but it is really complicated...  Other providers say they are but, if they are texting YOU that's a $25,000 fine. If they are emailing YOU and it is not secured... YOU got another $25,000 fine. Don't be fooled by companies that proclaim to be HIPAA compliant... just ask for their policies. 

Friendly and Fun

Come have fun with us.  If YOU like laughing more than yelling, nice reminders rather than demands, and YOU enjoy a practical joke or two, well you found the right place. We are a strong believer that if YOU are smiling, patients get better, YOU stay healthy, and we all enjoy our jobs a bit more.  :)


YOU can count on us. When YOU need something urgent!  Just ask. Our teams are trained to help YOU get things done and they follow up on tine, every time. 


Industry updates right in YOUR inbox.  We are always bringing YOU the latest news, techniques, and trends. 

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Are YOU ready to join our team 

Meet other therapists who have​ and see what they have become


Jill T. PT, DPT

... "I am always amazed they remember the little things like my Birthday... I love those Starbucks Gift Cards... Thanks for always listening to me.  Jill  :)   " 

Brooke S. MPT

..." For an old timer like me the Talent Team at BioMechanics really made all the difference they made my on boarding process easy, fast, and I hate computers.  Thank you for going out of your way to help me with every step of the documentation process" 

Jessica L. SLP

"Even my kids love the team. I have had the pleasure of working with Maecelle, Roy, Andrea, May, Julia and the list goes on and on... everyone has gone out of their way to help me and my family.  When I had to go on leave they sent me a gift card for diapers, when my daughter was screaming in the background everyone was so supportive."

George A. PT, DPT, OT

"What can I say I like to travel. This is the only Gig where they actually encourage it. I never thought I'd have the freedom to travel the world and be a physical therapists... I can't wait for the new Therocity T-Shirts to be sent out... I promise my next bungee jump I'll wear it... Living the DREAM George

Zumi T. LCSW

..."It makes a world of difference to work with a team that actually cares about their patients... I take such pride in knowing that everyone of my patients gets 100% attention from the Support Team, Thank you Bernard, Julia, and everyone else..."

Joey P. PT, DPT

"Let me first say Thank you to the Management at Therocity...I can attest to people not paying you in Home Health, as I am still owed over 5K from two different HHAs... But when these guys say like Clock Work, they mean it.  Never a late check, always there to help out, and everything is so easy... I was hesitant, but I'm so glad I found you. I'm all in let me know if I can help with anything..."

Amanda D. OT, PHD

"I am new grad and  I was not sure if home health was the right setting for me... With the help of the Talent Team, they went over everything from what happens if a patient falls, to what happens if the patient's BP is too high, to what to do if you have an audit... I am more prepared than other OT's I have spoken to that have been doing home health for years"

Rick L. SLP

"Speech really requires you to be on your game in home health, it can be a matter of patients getting what they need or falling through the cracks... I refer every patient I have to the Therocity team as I know they are on top of every patient, every document, and every Order.  Keep it up gang..."

Deja J. RD

"I decided to change my career after years in the hospital working with Diabetes patients, and found home health a refreshing change of pace. Everyone at Therocity made my transition amazing. I get regular industry and medicare updates, annual skills set tests, and everything electronic fast and easy..."

Damon N. PT, DPT

" I got my life back... I can't say enough about Therocity. I was working in the clinic from 7 to 7 and I almost lost it all... Now I get to coach my daughter's soccer team Yep she's number 33, she took my number after I started coaching her team... Thanks for helping me remember what is most important... I'm a lifer here or should I say I now have a life."

Please note we have changed the identities of the quoted therapists to protect their security and ensure their privacy. Don't worry gang we have your back.  :)

Our Goal

 To create an ever improving environment that provides our therapists with the education needed to be compliant, the support needed to be informed, and the technology needed to be effective in order to attract and retain only the very best therapists that demonstrate the qualities for success: Empathy, Organization, and Effective Communication.