Finally Medicare Is Using Their Brain. 13th and 19th No Longer Needed January 1st 2015...

And the crowd goes wild. Yes we all new that the 13th and 19th combined visit rule was making everyone work very hard to maintain compliance. We had to track each therapist's frequency and duration in order to coordinate reassessments exactly one visit prior to the 14th visits for all therapy disciplines.

Well!!! Thankfully Medicare has pulled their head out of their (fecal producing orifice) and seen the light. That's right as of January 1st all newly admitted patients will no longer be required to have a 13th and 19th visit reassessment.

Medicare has indicated that due to a minimal change in the number of visits being performed with the implemented 13th and 19th visit reassessment... Meaning the punishment of the 13th and 19th visit reassessments did not save them enough money for it to be worth it... they will only require a reassessment every 30 calendar days.


Final Decision: In summary, we are finalizing changes to the regulations at § 409.44, effective for episodes ending on or after January 1, 2015, to require that at least every 30 days a qualified therapist (instead of an assistant) must provide the needed therapy service and functionally reassess the patient. Where more than one discipline of therapy is being provided, a qualified therapist from each of the disciplines must provide the needed therapy service and functionally reassess the patient at least every 30 days. Therapy reassessments are to be performed using a method that would include objective measurement, in accordance with accepted professional standards of clinical practice, which enables comparison of successive measurements to determine the effectiveness of therapy goals. Such objective measurements would be made by the qualified therapist using measurements which assess activities of daily living that may include but are not limited to eating, swallowing, bathing, dressing, toileting, walking, climbing stairs, or using assistive devices, and mental and cognitive factors. The measurement results and corresponding effectiveness of the therapy, or lack thereof, must be documented in the clinical record. "

Federal Register / Vol. 79, No. 215 / Thursday, November 6, 2014 / Rules and Regulations 66105


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